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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Nail Stamping Haul

Once again, I placed an order wtih Born Pretty for some new nail stamping plates! They were having a deal on them at the time, so I was really pleased with how many I got for the price (I purchased them myself, this is not a sponsored post). In this order I also purchased a new stamping polish - a beautiful silver! 

The nail plates are just as great as the others, I really like them! The silver polish was the first of the Born Pretty brand of stamping nail polishes, and although the silver/fine glitter made clean up in my cuticles a little bit harder, it worked really well and looked really good on my nails. 

I did my best to take photos of the plates that I got and the patterns on them so that you could see which ones I chose this time around, but I realized that some of them are hard to see so I've kind of labeled what they are underneith them.

Let me know what you think about these! Do you have any favorites?? I'll see you on Thursday

Travel - a globe, compas, passport stamps, airplanes, feet, and stars/planets


Birds and Feathers

Wood Grains

Maps and Compasses

School - Math equations, numbers, books, chemistry, and a school crossing sign

Halloween - Zombies, vampires, ghosts, pumpkins, spider webs, bloody handprints


Comic Book

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

VNYL Subscription - Month 3

It's that time of the month again where I tell you about my VNYL subscription and the records that I was sent!

For this three record set, I chose the vibe "Single in the Rain" and was curious to see what types of music they would select based on that vibe and based on the information they have about the music that I like.

Just like the previous months, I was super pumped to get the big, square, bright pink box in the mail! Just like the previous boxes, it contained a sticker (this one was specific to "Single in the Rain"), a handwritten note, a cover sheet containing informaiton about records they would have for sale on their website and when, along with the three records that were curated for just for me!

One of my favorite things about this subscription service is the handwritten notes. I love that they take the time to specifically adress the records that were chosen for me, and a little bit about why they like/chose them. 

For this particular set of records, I was aprehensive at first. I wasn't entirely sure what I thought about them when I first listened to them, and I also wasn't sure how they fit in with the "Single in the Rain" theme, but after listening to them for a while I was sold. This was the first set of records that I wasn't immediatly in love with, but I'm still happy with the curating service and how well they did at picking this music for me.

The records I was sent:
"America's Velvet Glory" by The Molochs
"Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want" by Las Rosas
"Faraway Reach" by Classixx

"America's Velvet Glory" by The Molochs is, just like the note states, a sleepy rock record with the best of the 60s Psychedelia. For me, this isn't typically what I would choose to turn on for some long term listening, but I've found that I really like to having it playing as a sort of background music for my day to day life. It's relaxed and fun to listen to, and it's eay to work with this on. 

"Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want" by Las Rosas. Out of this trio, I would have to say that this was my favorite. I've found myself going back to this one the most, and listening to it the most often. To my untrained, regular person ear it sounds like a darker version of the Beach Boys, with a similar overall sound but without as much of the pep. I also think that the whole album works really cohesively to make for a really fun and easy listening experience. This is one that I'll definitly be loving this summer.

Okay.... "Faraway Reach" by Classixx. This was the album that I was the most aprehensive about. It's a very electronic album with a "Disco" vibe. It took me a while to listen through the whole thing, becuase this album demands the sole attention of the listener, at least for the first time through. For me personally, I have to have the right mindset to be able to sit and listen to this album, but when I am I really enjoy it. It's a big mashup of so many different artists including Harriet Brown, T-Pain, Isles, Passion Pit, and several others, so I can see why it was said in the note that it doesn't exclude any genre despite being more of an overall disco/electronic vibe. One of the other things is that this album is actually on two different records, so I was excited to be (sort of) getting four records instead of three this time around. 

Overall, I didn't love this set of records as much as the previous two months that I received, but I still love the music that was curated for me! 

What do you think about these albums? Have you listened to any of them before? I'd love to know what you think!

**This post was not sponsored, I purchased the subscription with my own money and found the company via a suggested post on social media.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lipsense Review (Not a Distributor)

I've heard a lot about Lipsense, mostly from SeneGence distributors that I know, but also on social media platforms. As you know, I'm a big lover of liquid lipstick, but I'm pretty picky about it because I want something that's going to last and that looks good and that I find to be good quality. Lipsense is advertised as being long lasting, everything-proof (waterproof, smudge proof, coffee cup proof, etc.) but I was of course sceptical, especially considering the price.

The basic starter kit, which includes a lip color, gloss, and remover costs $55, with additional lip colors being $25 and additional glosses being $20, and a new tube of the remover at $10.

When I first met with my own distributor, I was able to do a trial run on the lipstick before I commited to purchasing it to see for myself how well the product worked. I put on one of the lip colors and then had several swatches of several other colors on the back of my hand. I also had several of my questions answered about the products.

So they're long lasting. 4-18 hours of wear, but as I've used it I've found that it can last even longer than that.

They're Vegan and Crulty Free.

They're GMO, Led, and Wax free.

It's 98% natural products, and they can tell you exactly what's in them.

This lipstick has a shelf life of 2-3 years after being opened, and 7 years if left sealed.

The color doesn't transfer, but the gloss does (except for the Matte Gloss).

1 tube of Lipsense is the eqivalent of 4 tubes of another lipstick (according to the company/distributor, I haven't tested this out myself)

After testing out the product, I was more sure that I would like it. I placed an order for a starter kit plus an additional lipcolor, and then I waited... I think that's really the hardest part. Because it's sold by individuals, they typically don't have a full stock of all of the colors on hand to sell you right then and there, they wait to get a certain amount of orders in and then all of the products come in together. So it's a bit of a waiting game.

What I ordered were the colors Caramel Apple and Fly Girl with the Matte Gloss. I personally prefer a matte lip, and I didn't want to have to reapply the gloss because the other types of glosses do transfer, and I chose the lipcolors that I did because I wanted a nice everyday color and I wanted a bold, special occasion color. 

So the gloss is something that they really emphasize the importance of, and after trying it myself I understand why. It's needed to seal in the lip color and to increase how long the color lasts. And, without the gloss, the lipcolor remains sticky, which isn't very comfortable to wear. I chose the Matte Gloss becuase I didn't want there to be any glass transferring, however you have to apply a liberal amount of the matte gloss for the color to stop being sticky.

Below I've put the photos of the Caramel Apple color when I first applied it and what it looked like at the end of the day. I took these photos on my phone so they're not the greatest quality, but you get the point.

First Applied

At the end of the day
So as you can see in the photos, the waterline of my lips did wear off my the end of the day, but the lip color remained primarily intact. When my mouth is closed it's hardly noticable, I could really only see the wearing off when I would smile or talk. I've found with this lipstick that, at least for me, it only comes off of the waterline of my lips and not on the dry parts of my lips. I occationally will reapply to those areas, however it's normally the end of the day by the time that happens so I don't need to reapply.

Overall, I seriously love this lipstick. I have never had a lipstick that has lasted this long, especially not with my typical food and beverage habits during the day! It's also really satisfying to surprise people by drinking out of a can or a Starbucks cup and having nothing transfer. With my typical lipsticks, they'd only last as long and as well as this one if I didn't eat or drink anything, and if I avoided touching/licking my lips throughout the day (which I have a habit of doing, and may also play into why it doesn't last nearly as long on the waterline of my lips). 

This lipstick is really challenging to get off, which is why they've formulated a remover that is the best way to remove the lip color. I've found that the remover works the best if you put it on and leave it on for a few mintues, and then remove it with the lip color. Letting it sit for a while allows it to do a much better job at breaking down the color so that it can be removed surprisingly easily considering how long lasting the lipstick is!

I'm quite the lipstick lover, I've posted about my favorite lipsticks on this blog before, and I have to say that this lipstick knocks those out of the water! I'll certainly be getting more of these in the future!

What do you think about Lipsense? Have you tried any of the colors before? I'd love to know what you think about this brand!

I'll see you on Thursday.
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