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April 2018 Favorites

It's been a long time since I last posted what my monthly favorites were! Mostly becuase I tend to find products that I like so I don't try new ones, and that would be boring to see the same things each month... But in April I had a lot of new favorites that I wanted to share with you! Plus, this past week had been full of my final exams so I was in need of an easy post... It's hard to post when your brain feels like mush from studying! However, this post is going to be really long... I've been lovng a lot of new things this past month!

(DISCLAIMER: Any photos that I did not take myself, namely the photos for the TV shows that I've been loving, I put underneith them where I got the photos from so that they have the credit for their own photos. None of the things that I talk about in this post are sponsored)

To start off this monthly favorites post, I have a super cute giraffe shaped pot with a little succulent type plant in it! This was actually a surprise gift from my little brother. I make a habit of sending my little brother cards and gift cards and everything that I really valued as a Freshman in college. One day he asked me what time I normally have my mail delevered at, and that I should be expecting a surprise package to come in with my mail that day. I was super excited! The surprise was the giraffe shaped pot, and I then picked a plant for it myself. I love the pot! My little brother did a great job picking it for me! (He chose it from Cuteforyou Cute Animal Shaped Cartoon Home Decoration Succulent Vase Flower Pots if you want to see some of the other options out there, including this giraffe)

I haven't been able to read as much as I'd like to, but I was really happy to get to chose an animal related book for one of my classes to tie in with some of the material that we had been learning for my final project in the class. I chose this book, The Dragon Behind the Glass by Emily Voigt. At first I was a little bit aprehensive, seeing how most of the animal related books I've read for school have been mostly factual and informative rather than being interesting or a thrilling read, but I completely loved this book. It reads more like a mystery/action book with a little bit of information/facts on the side to help support the different aspects of the plot. Who knew a book about a rare and coveted fish would be such a great read? If you're looking for book you can really sink your teeth into, this is the book for you, I highly recommend it!

Now as you know from some previous posts, I have several ear piercings, and I had a hard time finding earrings that I like that match and look good as a set. Not too long ago, I got a card with several shapes of hoop earrings on them, but this hexagonal pair is the pair that I've been wearing the most often. They look really good with the rest of my earrings, they're very comfortable to wear, and they're super cute! I wish I had the specific brand that they're from, but you should be able to find a pair of these in different sizes almost anywhere. 

There are a lot of summer scents floating arounf at the moment, but these two candles have been my favorites so far. They're both Bath and Body Works 3-Wick candles. The Tiki Beachcandle is a fresh, fruity scent while the Cactus Blossom candle is more floral and sweet scented, but they're both amazing for the sunny warm weather that's (hopefully) here to stay. The candles from Bath and Body Works are my absolute favorite, they burn evenly and the smell is strong enought to fill a room but not so strong as to overpower your sense of smell - plus the large, 3-wick size lasts for a really long time. If you're in the market for a nice summer candle to brighten up your place, I would for sure recommend you check out these two.

Keeping with the theme of summer scents, I've switched from my normal Vanilla perfume to this fruity Tiki Mango Mai Tai body mist, which is also from Bath and Body Works. Because I went for the body mist instead of the perfume, the scent doesn't last as long as a perfume, however I think that I prefer that in the summer (at a certain point everyone just smells like sunscreen). When I've worn this I've gotten a lot of compliments, mostly people saying that I smell as though I had just taken a shower or that I seemed like I was fresh off a beach! Plus, the packaging it really cute, which is always a plus.

For some reason my skin tends to get pretty dry in the summer if I'm not remembering to use lotion or some other kind of moisturizing product. This upcoming summer I'm going to be working quite a bit, so I wanted an option that would be pretty quick without leaving me feeling sticky that would help my skin feel and look amazing. After trying a few different products, I've settled on the Dove Go Fresh Body Wash (this one is in the scent Aloe Vera and Pear). A little of this product goes a long way, it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing without making me feel sticky, and it's fast/easy to use. Plus it smells amazing! I'm planning on sticking to this product all summer so I never have to worry about forgetting to put on lotion or feeling that gross residue.

That body wash is amazing, but I don't make the habit of using it on my face, so my face gets its own moisturizer. This past month, I've been loving this Garnier SkinActive Soothing 3-in-1 Moisturizer that's made with rose water. Although I haven't tried to use it as a mask, I apply this as a lotion to my face in the morning and at night and my face is looking beautiful! I haven't had to wear any foundation of concealer (except on my undereyes of course) and I've been thrilled with how well it's worked for me! The skin on my face is extremely sensitive - pretty much everything gives me hives on my face - so I love that I can use this product to get great looking skin without having to worry about breaking out in hives. It's a really thick product, I've been using this for about a month and I haven't even made a dent in it yet! This is definitly the best way to keep my face looking beautiful along with the rest of me for the summer.

Lipsense!This product is from the company SeneGence, and it can only be purchased from individual distributors. It's a long lasting, smudge proof lipstick and it comes in a variety of colors so you're bound to find the colors that you want! I want to say more about how much I love this product, but I'm planning on doing a post all about these next week! So be sure to check back to see what I think about these lipsticks.

Last but not least in the beauty products that I've been loving, is the Balmshot Pomegranate lipbalm. My dad got me one of these a while ago and I hadn't really consistently used it until now, but I gotta say I really love it. I use it when I'm not wearing Lipsense or some of my other lipsticks so that my lips stay hydrated and looking good. I also really like the packaging on this, although I wouldn't recommend trying to get one of these through TSA since they are shotgun shells. When I started to run low, I had to get a new one so I photographed the new one in the package to show you! Plus it's Organic, so that just adds to how much I love this product.

As you know from several of my posts on this blog, I've been trying to be healithier for a long time. One of the biggest things I've been using since the end of March is the FitBit Charge 2 (The pink band is off of amazon). I was planning on doing a post just about this (which is why the photo is kind of old) but I decided to include it in my favorites instead! It connects to an app on my phone and lets me track my steps, heartrate, exercise, food/calorie intake, water intake, sleep, and a whole lot of other stuff too! It's given me a much better insight into where I am with my health and the areas that I need to improve on. Plus it's nice to not have to worry about changing the time between timezones and such like I would with an analog or digital watch.

Now on to probably the best part! The Shows that I've been obsessed with! I got hooked up with a student discount on Hulu, so I've been getting new shows that i didn't have before with my tv provider and my mom's netflix account.
Now Timeless is a show that my mom and I watched together when it was first aired, and we were totally obssed then. We were beyond sad when it was canceled, and then overjoyed when it was picked back up! It was really a rollarcoaster of emotions, just like the show itself! It's got Time Travel, Espionage, Romance, Love Triangles, Action, Historical Events, and everything else that you could ever want in a TV Show. Ever since it started up again I wait on the edge of my seat for each new episode, so if you want a new, bingeworthy show, I highly recommend it.
When I first saw the ads for this show I was already hooked. It's a mix of Glee and High School Musical with looks into modern teenagers dealing with relationships, parental pressure, the LGBTQ+ community, and teen pregnancy with an awesome musical backdrop tying all of the characters and the story together. It's a show you want to watch while wrapped in a blanket with rain pouring outside and a hot beverage in hand. This show makes me glad that I'm not in high school anymore while simultaniously wishing that I could join the cast in their musical numbers. You won't be sorry if you take the time to watch this show.
There is a lot of hype swirling around about this show since it first began. Now, with the second season, I'm even more in love with this series than I was when it first aired. I don't know how to summarize this show well enough to give it the justice that it deserves. It makes me fearful for the future, and leaves me feeling like I want to go out and create change so that this future never happens. It's dystopian, but the dystopian future contained in this is way too close to home. While it's on, you want to look away but can't. The kind of show that has you screaming at your screen at 3am. This show isn't for the faint of heart, but if you can manage to watch it you'll love it as much as thousands of others, including myself. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorites from April that will probably continue be my favorites for the rest of the summer! Do you share any of these favorites with me? Do you have nay favorites you think I should try? I'd love to know!

I'll see you on Tuesday!

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