Thursday, May 10, 2018


July 1,2016. I went with my mom to a local Guinea Pig Sanctuary with my only guinea pig at the time (Pepe). I had arranged the day before to try out Pepe with some of the other single male guinea pigs that they had available for adoption. The first guinea pig responded aggressivly to Pepe, and the second didn't have any better a reaction. But then we paired Pepe with Hamilton, and they've been inseparable ever since. 

Hamilton was full grown when he arrived at the sanctuary, but everyone assumed he was 1-2 years old. He had been given up by his previous owners due to an allergy they didn't know about previously. I was really happy to have him join my guinea pig family and to be with Pepe.

Hamilton was notorious for only wanting, and stealing, whatever food Pepe had. He hated blueberries, but if Pepe was eating a blueberry then he wanted the blueberry that Pepe was eating! The two of them were known to pull a piece of lettuce back and forth, almost as if they were taking turns eating off of the same piece. He loved cucumbers and carrots, and running around. 

Whenever I would pig-proof my room to let them run around, Hamilton would ALWAYS find a way to get somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. Always. I have no idea how he did it most of the time! One minute he's running aorund with Pepe, the next he's wiggled behind some storage under my bed that I had totally blocked off. The only thing that got him out were Pepe's squeaks trying to find where he was. 

Hamilton loved to hide. Or he loved thinking that he was hidden... There were several times when he would have onlu his head covered, but he would think that he was totally out of sight. Or when he would sit under a tunnel that was mostly chewed to pieces. He would often run into the extra large igloo both of them shared and then hide behind Pepe so that he was covered on all sides. 

Once you caught Hamilton, he loved being held. He would cuddle up to you, and especially liked to sit on my shoulders when we were having some counch time. I had to be careful though, he'd peed right down my back on far too many occasions. 

I loved this guinea pig more than I can put into words. He passed away at about 5am yesterday. I wrapped him in a blanket that smells like me and placed him in a shoebox to later be buried. I attached some photos of him at the end of this post so that he can be remembered for both how cute he is, the adorable orange patch in the corner of his mouth, and for his personality that shone through very brightly.

I love you, Hamilton. Pepe and I will miss you every day.

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