Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 2018 Overview

May was a really hard month for me. I had a lot of stuff going on throughout the month of May, so I took kind of a break from this blog by posting mostly easy/photography based posts so that I could focus on other things. That being said, this is going to be a pretty long post... So get some snacks and strap in!

The beginning of May was the ending of my Spring Semester of my Junior Year of college. I had exams that I felt as though I wasn't prepared but that they were going to happen regardless of whether I was prepared for them or not. I did my best to study as much as I could prior to each exam, and I continued to work part time. I was running on fumes and caffeine from energy drinks!

After my finals were done, and the summer had officially started! A group of my friends and I drove to a national park to camp for a night and to go hiking around a BEAUTIFUL waterfall that was at the campsite. I love camping, and even though it was a really cushy set up (the camp sites were all labeled and on manicured grass, there was a public bathroom, everything was really close together, there were cement fire pits, and picnic tables) it was a really fun experience. I posted some of the photos that I took there, which you can check out HERE. Leading up to the camping trip I was pretty anxious about it, but I'm really happy that I went - I made a lot of really great memories there!

When Monday rolled around again, I was starting working full time at my job for the summer. 8 hours a day of work where people were yelling at me... For the most part, I think that I'm good at handling being yelled at, this was my 3rd year in this job, and although I really hate it (although I don't think anyone really likes being yelled at by strangers) I can handle it.

What really started to get to me was that my supervisor at this job would also yell at me. He started to pull my reports for each of the transactions that I completed, and reading the comments about interactions that I had with patrons on parking tickets and would find each flaw and bring it to my attention in a less than cuntructive way.

One day at work I had really had it, and I was really sick of the treatment that I was getting not only from patrons but also from this supervisor. He took me aside to explain something to me that I already know about when it came to parking tickets, and a large line was forming at the front window. Where I'm the only clerical that stayed for the summer, I was the only one who would be able to hop up to help them unless a supervisor decided to stop what they were doing to help (which my supervisor never made a habit of doing). At a pause in the explanation, I stopped my supervisor and asked him if I could go help the people waiting so that they weren't just standing around and then we could continue the conversation later. He half-yelled "When people go to a bank they know that they have to wait in line to be helped and that it takes time! How are we any different from a bank!?" and I responded with "We don't chain our pens to the windows."

I bet you can guess how he took that... But afterwards I was able to go and help the people waiting in line to yell at me... Haha So at least the people didn't have to wait too much longer.

One of the hardest parts of the summer was that, on top of work being rough, my guinea pig Hamilton passed away. I am an animals person, and I make extremely strong attachments to them, so I took it really hard. I did make a post about it, which I linked on Hamilton's name if you want to read about that and about him.

I still have Pepe. He can tell that Hamilton isn't there, but other than looking for him every once in a while he behaviorally and physically hasn't changed at all. I did at one point freak out because I thought he wasn't eating enough, but it was pointed out to me that I had gotten used to the amounts fo food and amount of food eaten by two male guinea pigs, so how much Pepe eats on his own was somewhat new to me.

My Roommate's younger sister is going to be going to college at the end of the summer and so she's been working on rehoming her guinea pig. As of right now it's looking like she's going to give her guinea pig to me, so then I'll have two again! The only thing is that her guinea pig is female, so she'll be kept seperate from Pepe.

I put a lot of thought into getting another male guinea pig to pair with Pepe, but because he's doing okay on his own and he's so advanced in age I decided not to. I'm going to love him extra and spend time with him myself for however much time he has left, and then I'll have the female guinea pig or I'll be able to adopt a new duo or trio of guinea pigs that are already bonded and looking for a good home.

(Pepe was given up to the local humane society where I'm from, and he was full grown but they weren't sure how old he was. I will have had Pepe for 5 years on June 27th, and a guinea pig will live around 6-8 years)

Not too long after losing Hamilton, I got some news from my mom about some sad family news and how my family was going to be moving forward with that news. I'm not going to be talking about it in detail at all on this blog, but I did want to touch on it slightly because it added to everything that I had going on in the month of May and some day I'll be able to look back and this and be reminded of everything. What I will say is that I'm very thankful for my family and for our ability to love and support each other unconditionally through everything and anything.

Although overall the entire month of May was really rough for me, after those hard things happened, I was mostly only working and spending time at home with my roommate and Pepe. My roommate has been making a list of shows that I need to watch because I'm missing out and not getting her references so we spent a lot of time on the couch when we were both home from work watching The Office which is the show I started with. I've also been watching Bones, which I've almost finished! I love both of them, so I'm looking forward to the other recommendations that she has waiting for me.

I think that one of the best things for me is having her around, she is really good about checking up on me and offering really good advice in regards to the previously mentioned family news. It was also really great to have someone to just sit and eat some Walmart Pizza with while watching The Office this past month.

My roommate and I took fun trip to a Butte to watch the sunset and take some photos, which was a lot of fun even though we were only there for a few short hours. We got some dinner and took it with us to eat while we waited for the sunset to begin, and we were able to talk to a few people who were also there for the photos. I was mostly excited about the dogs that were there! You can see the post with those photos HERE.

On Memorial Day a big group of us got together and went to a different national park that was much much closer to go for a hike and to enjoy the beauty of nature and each other's company. I'm planning on posting the photos from that this upcoming Thursday, so be sure to check back for that post!

Next I'll be talking about in this post is the continued struggles I have when it comes to Math. I've talked before about how terrible I am at math, and my issued with my school allowing me to enroll in future math classes. Originally I planned and worked out an online alternative that I would be able to take, however the school that it was through didn't have enought people to justify the course so it was canceled, leaving me with my plans up in the air. Several of my future classes for my majors require certain math classes as prerequisites so I'll either need to find another alternative course to take before the summer ends, or rethink the classes that I'll be taking until I'm able to get those math courses out of the way.

The last thing that I'll be talking about that happened in the month of May is applying for a second job. At the end of the month, I found a job opening at a pet store that's in a nearby town and I filled out an application for it. I haven't heard anything back about it yet, but I'm really hopeful. At the moment I'm planning on keeping my current job with Parking while also working this second job at the pet store. I'm hoping that it'll help me be able to afford my rent in addition to food and groceries and some spending money. I also want to already have a new job secured in case I one day can't put up with my Parking job any longer. Also, because I'm studying animals in school, being able to work with animals on a daily basis - even pets - it would be a good resume builder for me to show my level of flexability and experience.

If you made it all the way through this post, I really appreciate it! I would love to know what happened in May for you! I'll see you on Thursday for those hiking phoros.

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