Tuesday, September 11, 2018

August 2018 Overview

I'm back once again after a really long but much needed break. I'm on a new computer now, which is technically for school work but I'm excited to use it for blogging as well. So far it certainly makes editing photos a lot easier, and I can get photos off of my phone a lot faster and with better quality.

I know that I did this at the beginning of August for missing posts throughout July, but I'm going to be going over the basics of August and what happened during it.

One of the major things that happened was I started my senior year of college - My 4th Year! Although I know that I'll still need more time after this year to be able to complete all of the schooling that I want I'm still proud that I've made it as far as I have.

So far this school year has already been really rough. I've accidentally missed some classes due to going to the wrong room (I ended up in an economics class when I was supposed to be in a forest plants class - and on the first day of school!) and I've missed some classes because of car trouble... My car has worn out three of the mounts (transmission and two in the engine) so my car makes a horrible noise and rattles a lot - which makes me less than enthusiastic about driving it (Don't worry it's going in to get fixed tomorrow) and I've missed a lab or two for health reasons.

I don't want to talk too specifically about it because I do want to keep my privacy when it comes to my mental health, but my anxiety increased a lot in the past month so I spent more time on myself and working through some things that were going on. I'm feeling a lot better now, which is the important thing!

Moving right along... I talked briefly about the mice a while ago, so I know some of you may be curious about what happened with them - I have a post coming up soon with everything about them! They took up a lot of my time in August as well, alongside my two guinea pigs who I was also giving a lot of my attention.

I love my guinea pigs so much! Gus has settled in perfectly with me and she really lets her personality shine - Her VERY strong and independent personality! Pepe's age has really started to show and he's mostly interested in eating and taking naps - and the occasional cuddle. I've been having a fun time working out what fresh veggies to feed them because, as it turns out, most of the things that Pepe likes Gus doesn't, and vice versa. Aside from the typically lettuce and cucumber, I basically have to get different veggies for each of them because they won't touch what they don't like!

That was pretty much everything that happened in August... I also was able to get my hands on a copy of Louise Pentland's new book, which I haven't read yet but I'm definitely excited to read! I loved her first book, so I'm sure that this sequal is sure to be just as amazing! I'm also looking forward to getting Hank Green's book, so I'll be sure to update you guys on what I think about them after I've read them.

What happened during August for you? I would love to know that you had going on!
I'll see you on Thursday

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