Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Meet Peanut

I know, I know... It seems like just yesterday I was posting about getting Gus, and here I am posting about another new guinea pig! Peanut!

Initially I was planning on having both Pepe and Gus and then after Pepe passed away work on finding another female guinea pig to then live with Gus and having only female guinea pigs for a while. Well I basically just chucked that plan out the window...

One of my friends saw a post form a local discovery center (a place where kinds can go to learn about science things that are super cool) because they had a set of educational animals that they were rehoming because they're planning some more long term renovations and wouldn't be able to keep them/care for them how they wanted - and one of those animals was a Guinea Pig named Peanut.

My friend knew that I fit the profile that they were looking for to rehome this guinea pig, and after looking at the photos and thinking it over for about a week I decided to message the person who posted to see if I would be able to see Peanut and get more information about him before deciding whether or not to take him - and she was beyond excited that I was interested and set up a time for me to come see him later that same day!

He was shy at first, they told me that he didn't like being poked or yelled at by children which was most of what he was getting at the discovery center and part of why they were deciding to rehome him. He had previously been bonded to another male but was currently living on his own so they wanted to go to someone who had other guinea pigs so that he wouldn't be alone and would be free of screaming children. When I took him out to hold him he seemed to relax and I just pet him and sat talking to the woman rehoming him for a while. She was impressed that I knew so much, and was surprised when I offered to trim Peanuts nails right then and there are she said that she was afraid to do it herself. She said she had never seen Peanut as calm as he was while I was holding him, and then went on to say that no one else had shown any interest in adopting Peanut so she was going to take him to the Humane Society and hope that they would have more luck.

That really got to me... I was holding this sweet little guinea pig being told that no one wanted him... So I knew that I needed to adopt him.

I took him home with me at the end of the day.

Later, after they gave me all of his records that they had, I found out that I adopted him on his birthday - 9/13 - and that it also happens to be National Peanut Day! So he's my new, 3 year old little guy.

At first he stayed pretty shy and would run and hide when I would walk by his house. I spent some time just sitting near his house while working on homework, and he eventually would come and sit at the edge of his house next to where I was sitting which I took as major progress! He really took a liking to Gus (Partly because she's female...) but as his personality began to really shine through it became apparent to me that he's basically the male version of Gus! He's even got the same coloring as she does! They are both extremely vocal pigs, and even where they're currently living in separate houses they'll talk to each other and when one starts talking the other will respond. There have been a few times already where I've woken up to them talking to each other and sniffing each other. 

Peanut has tried a few times to break into Gus's house while he was getting some time running around out of his house! 

I did try Peanut out with Pepe a few times, but in his old age Pepe just wants to eat food and relax whereas Peanut has a lot of energy and wanted to run around and play. I have plans set up to get Peanut neutered so that he can then go through bonding with Gus and hopefully live with her full time. 

All in all, I think that three guinea pigs is for sure my limit right now... There's no way that I would be able to take care of a fourth guinea pig, so for real I'm not planning on increasing my guinea pig family any time soon. 

I love all three of my guinea pigs and it makes me really happy having them and having them greet me when I come home and to cuddle with.

If you have any questions about my guinea pigs or about guinea pigs in general let me know!

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