Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nail Art Haul

I know that I've been talking about doing this haul for a long time, so I'm happy to finally be posting it! I went through and did a lot of shopping on Amazon and on Born Pretty's website - sometimes you've got to treat yourself, you know?

I ordered 5 gel polishes that are cured under a UV light from Born Pretty, and they came in some really cute packaging! Each box looked the same, but they did have the names of the colors on the sides of the boxes. I chose the colors Truth of Lie, Graceful Soul, Make My Day, Forest Talk, and With An Orchid.

Yes, they really do work! I was kind of skeptical just because a thermal polish seems a little bit too cool... Like the mood rings that end up just being green or blue. I've worn two out of the five that I got so far and they've worked just as well as I hoped!

The only thing that I wish was different about the Born Pretty Thermal polishes was that there was a way to tell what the colors are on the outside of the packaging. The names of some of them give me an idea of what they are, but it would be nice if there was something on the bottles that helped me identify them!

Something I've been wanting to add to the types of nail art that I can do so I knew that I needed to get my hands on some chrome nail powders. I've worn one of these so far and it was ssoo beautiful! It's kind of pricey considering how much you get in one of the containers, but it's definitely a fun skill that I'm excited to develop. I'm not to the point where I can show the world, but I hope to get there soon with these! 

As you can imagine, I've done a lot of cuticle clean up with cotton swabs, which doesn't always leave me with the results that I want. I've seen a lot of nail art gurus using clean up brushes so when I was able to I got myself a set!I got 4 different sizes that came in one set from Born Pretty but I've noticed that I favor the number 2 brush so far.

All of the brushes are really flat, which I like, and they have very dense bristles which helps when cleaning up nail polish - you don't want a flimsy clean up brush! They're also really cute pastel colors, and it's really easy to wash nail polish out of them. 

This one isn't as exciting... With all of the Gel polish that I got, I also got a gel top coat to go over them. I also got it to use with the chrome nail powders because they blend in best over a cured glossy gel top coat (or so I've learned from my internet nail art education). This was something that was linked on a Simplynailogical video which is how I found it.

With all of the gel polish that I've acquired, I needed to get a UV LED Lamp to be able to cure them. This one was really cheap off of Amazon, plus it was also linked on a Simplynailogical video so I felt like I could trust the quality even though it was a lower price. It's worked perfectly on all of the polishes that I talk about in this post, so if you're looking to get into gel polish but don't have a majorly huge budget then this lamp will be perfect for you.

I was really excited to get this set of Arte Clavo polishes! They're a set of pink and orange shades, which are my favorites to wear. The first time I wore them they cured beautifully and although I didn't apply it very evenly I think that they looked really good. I also really like the packaging - unlike the thermal polishes it was extremely easy to tell which color was which.

Next to the Born Pretty Thermal polishes, the Gellen polishes had the best packaging. They came in a cute little felt case, all neatly lined up. I got them in a set of nudes because I thought that they would be good for the winter months. I also think that having some nude tones works well when doing nail art and gradients. I don't think that I'd wear them super often though, which is why I was happy with getting the 8ml size for them. 


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