Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October 2018 Overview

I loved October! Mostly I love the Fall.... Where I live the trees turn the most beautiful colors and there's so much rain - It's almost like everything is new again! Everything gets washed with the rain and all the leaves fall. Everything is crisp.

I've broken out my sweaters already, long with my hats and scarves. I'm not a fan of snow but I love the rain! In fact, it's raining right now as I write this, which makes it even more enjoyable.

When it comes to school, I've been getting everything much more under control which is really great. I haven't been nearly as stressed or overwhelmed as I was in previous months! I also started to plan out my classes for the upcoming semester, which is exciting.

One of the big things for me in October was that I got Peanut neutered so that he'll be able to live with Gus full time. I was extremely worked up about it- I had total Mom Guilt. My school has an amazing vet program, and I know a majority of the people involved in it through shared classes, but even though I know them and that they would do a great job I was still so worried that something would happen!

When I first dropped off Peanut at the Vet, they were really impressed with how healthy he is and how well I had been clipping his nails (having a vitamin c deficiency and having extremely long nails is pretty common - and what they see most guinea pigs for at their hospital) and they assured me that everything would go well and walked me through the process.

The next morning, I went back to pick him up and they told me that it couldn't have gone any better and he was doing amazing! It was so hard to believe that he had just had a surgery - I took him home and he was acting and eating just like his normal self.

I haven't been able to bond Peanut and Gus yet because there's a window of time after a neuter that you need to wait in case there are any...leftovers. But I'm looking forward to being able to go through that process and to have them living together full time.

Other than my guinea pigs, I had a few exciting things happen in October. One of them was that I was able to communicate more effectively to my doctor and get off of an old medication that was making me drowsy almost constantly (which is part of how I've been able to be a lot less overwhelmed - It's easy to get things done when you're awake longer and able to focus better!).

The last exciting thing that happened in October was that my roommate and I were able to invite our friends over and have a really fun Halloween party the weekend before Halloween! On the Wednesday that actually Halloween we got some pizza and ice cream and watched some movies before going to bed (it was a school night, after all). We set it up kind of like a potluck, so everyone brought different things to share, and we played a lot of card games and talked pretty well into the night.

October was a really happy month for me, and I hope that I continue to have things go my way in November!

I'll see you next Tuesday!

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