Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What I Got for my 22nd Birthday

I had an awesome birthday this year - I got to be at my parent's home with my family, I was given really thoughtful (and funny) gifts that I love, and I was able to go to many pet stores with my younger brother and our dog.

I love sharing what I received, and it's simply because I think posts like this are enjoyable - I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad or brag or anything like that.

Alright, now let's look at what I got!

Last year, for Christmas, I was given a record player. My younger brother let me know that he had a few ideas for records that he wanted to get me but he couldn't settle on which one I would really like... He loves all things classic rock, which isn't totally in my wheel house. Leading up to my birthday he was the one doing the driving around town so he chose the music! He played a lot of different songs - I knew some of them and not others. He told me that Credence Clearwater Revival had written a ton of songs and were really well liked so we listened to several of their songs (little did I know that he had gotten me this record of their 20 greatest hits...). I hadn't heard of them before, but I surprised myself with how many of their songs I knew but didn't know were written by them!

When we were listening to them my brother told me that I could use this record as a sort of test... If they didn't like CCR then it was a huge red flag and I shouldn't have that person in my life! When it comes to dating I'll probably test this out... Maybe save myself some heartache in the future!

Going along with my love of my record player, I got this super cute pin that has a blue record player on it! I love pins and have a lot of them, so I was excited to get this one to add to my collection and to represent something that I enjoy.

For years I've never been able to keep plants alive. At all. If I got a plant it would basically be a death sentence and it would be dead within a few weeks. Since I've been in college I've wanted to have more life in my room and the ability to take care of more things without adding on a whole lot of extra maintenance. I have several plants now that I've been able to keep alive - and so when my mom saw this plant she decided to get it for me!

It's called "Dragon's Tongue" and I think it's absolutely adorable! The pot didn't come with it, my mom found it in an IKEA, but it matches perfectly with all of my other decorations and plants! I guess I have a thing for house plants that look more unconventional. 

As with my other plants, I needed to name it! Going with the theme of Dragon's, I chose the name Astrid for this plant! 

I feel like this tshirt is kind of self explanatory....I love my pigs!

One of my other brothers got me this tshirt, which I was thrilled about! He gave it to me the night before my birthday so that I wouldn't have to get up before he needed to be at work to open it so I was able to wear it all day on my birthday! As someone who is studying animals I love the accuracy of the names and images... Hahaha

He also got me a set of bath bombs which I loved and made good use of (which is why they aren't pictured). It was great because I was planning to go buy some bath bombs for myself but then I didn't need to! 

This was something that I knew I was getting but that I was looking forward to a lot... My roommate got a bluetooth speaker and it was a magical thing, so I knew that I needed to get one for myself! I had a specific set of boxes that I wanted the speaker to check off so I worked with my Dad to find the right one. Even though it didn't come in pink, I love this speaker! I have been using it almost nonstop since I got it. It's small, WATERPROOF, bluetooth, has a great battery life, and has amazing sound quality.

It is the Coleman AKTIV Sounds Bluetooth waterproof cube speaker in the color blue.

As you may remember from previous posts, I have a wall in my room with various motivational and positive canvases and photos on it along with some other decorative things. My mom saw this sign and thought that it would be the perfect addition to my wall, and she was right! I put it almost as soon as I got back to my apartment, and I love seeing it. It goes perfectly with the other decorations I have, and I love the motivational writing.

On the more practical side, I needed a new winter coat. The one I was using I got as a hand me down from a relative back in high school so it was pretty worn out and not doing its job as well as it used to. My grandma took me shopping to see what I was looking for and what would be the most practical for me, and she got me this coat! It's from the brand "Be Boundless" and it's lined with faux fur so it's crazy warm! It's also water resistant, a windbreaker, and reversible in case I want to wear the faux fur side out! So far I've been wearing this almost nonstop and I've been  a happy camper while wearing it out and about. 

As always, I got a candle from Bath and Body Works! I'm a huge fan of their candles, and I love getting them as gifts, which makes it easy for people to shop for me because a candle is plenty to make me really happy! This one is one that I've had before but used up, so I was really excited to get it again. It's perfect for making my apartment feel cozy in the colder weather with it's bright and spice filled scent.

What do you think about any of the things that I got for my birthday? What are some awesome things that you've gotten for you birthdays?

I'll see you on Tuesday

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